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Hey everybody!

2015-05-10 17:17:00 by Jaws457

Hey! My names Tyler and im technically new to Newgrounds I had an account here when I was around 10 years old! I never got on much after about a year and recenetly rediscovred the website and remembered how much I loved it. I will now be an active member to the Newgrounds community. 


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2015-05-14 22:42:42

Sweet! Do you plan on contributing your own submissions?

Jaws457 responds:

Yes! I've already posted 2 drawings (Skull and Rose) and a song! (Punk Rock Beat) I don't know if there good or not though.


2015-05-14 23:25:41

It doesn't matter if your submissions are good or not. As long as you had fun making them.

Jaws457 responds:

Aw. True thanks. You should maybe check them out! Let me know what you think and what I should improve on.